Breakfast with A view!


Is there a better way to start the day then having breakfast with an amazing view?!

In Rio, there are many options of nice places where you can enjoy your breakfast taking advantage of the view, and don’t worry I will give you all the tips on the posts to follow, but today I will introduce you to one of the oldest and most famous restaurant for that purpose in Rio, Confeitaria Colombo.

The restaurant is well-known not only for offering nice breakfasts options but mostly for its privileged location in Forte de Copacabana, where you can appreciate a breathtaking view of the Copacabana Beach (with the Sugar Loaf as a bonus), while having your meal.

The breakfast itself has nothing extraordinary, in fact is quite similar to other restaurants in Rio, but the protagonist here is really the view and you will understand that when you see it for yourself. The breakfast for one or “”Café da manha individual””(as they call on the menu) comes with a selection of bread, cheese, ham, biscuits, cake, yogurt, cereal, juice and a hot drink.
I might add, the breakfast is “well served” if you know what I mean, so it might be a good idea to order just one and share with someone depending on how hungry you are!

They offer not only breakfast but also sandwiches, lunch and afternoon tea, which can be a good idea if you want to stop by after the beach and enjoy the sunset.

I must warn you though, this place is famous between cariocas and tourists so if you come during the weekend try to arrive as early as you can (they open at 10am), because the queues can take hours! Yes, you can walk around the Forte and take really nice pictures in the meantime, but if you have the option to go there during the week I would recommend you to do that as it will be a lot less crowded.


Note that to get to Confeitaria Colombo you must enter the Forte de Copacabana first, a sightseeing place where you have access to a museum, art gallery and the Forte itself which is quite nice, and to get in you will be charged around R$ 6,00(adults). Therefore, even If you don’’t want to have breakfast or eat at Confeitaria Colombo, I highly recommend you to visit the Forte at least, as you will be able to enjoy the view and take some nice pictures.


Confeitaria Colombo

$$: Breakfast for one “Café da Manha Individual” around R$33,00

Praça Cel Eugênio Franco nº1, Copacabana.

Opening times: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm.

Forte de Copacabana

$$: Adults R$6,00, students and over 60 years old R$ 3,00, over 80 years old and kids under 10 free entry.


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