Weather in Rio. Which month to come?


When you are planning to visit Rio, weather is one of the last things you should worry about.

Some might say in this city is always sunny and hot (like Sahara dessert), but we’’ll be honest and tell you the truth.. That’s only 98,99% of the time!

You might probably wonder if visiting Rio on the autumn/winter season is still worth it. So If you have to choose to come during those months don’t worry, as opposite to what you may associate to those seasons, in Rio you will still enjoy a lot of the beach and nature during this period, coming back home with a tan that will make your co-workers cringe of jealousy.

Jokes aside, this season has its advantages over summer or spring time in Brazil, as these tend to leave the city full of tourists, so if you coming from March till late September, you will find Rio less crowded and therefore with more accessible prices when it comes to accommodation and transportation, just to mention some.

But what about the weather during autumn/winter in Rio? Well, Lucky you Rio really tends to offer nice weather almost all year long! During these months the average of temperature is around 22 degrees, but keep in mind it can be sometimes windy during the day (especially in cities near by Rio like Cabo Frio and Buzios) and a bit chilly at night so don’t forget to bring a cardigan just in case for dinner time.

Of course, during winter time you won’t see thermometers reaching 40 degrees, but it will be sunny enough to get a bronze (tan) during your stay. And don’t underestimate the powerful sun in Rio, believe me, don’t leave the house without sunscreen in any condition!


As for Spring/Summer that’s the holly grail, not only for cariocas (locals) but for gringos too (aka you)!

Sun all day long up until 8 o’clock (thanks to summer time in Brazil it will be still daylight), beaches full of people and the city in this incredible and eternal “party mood”.

Not only is it summer in Rio, but one of the most exciting seasons for cariocas themselves, as parties and events take the town like a storm and everyone want to enjoy the city to the most. In December, people wait avid for the amazing New Years celebrations that happen all over the town, and just two months later it all starts again with Carnival (but events will be talked about in other posts).

So if you are coming to Rio between late September and late March, be ready to experience up to 40 degrees during your beach time! Ok…the average temperature for those months is around 27 degrees, but you’ve been warned it can reach much higher! And I have the impression you won’t mind this temperature variation while sipping your coconut water with your feet touching the sea..

However a little reminder is that during summer rapid rains tend to occur specially in the end of the afternoon, but here we say “thats a great refresher” and we are never bothered, so I’m sure it will most likely not affect your plans.

Oh and as for those 1,01% of chance mentioned in the beginning of the post that it will be raining and the weather wont be amazing in Rio, don’t worry, there will be posts here soon with tips of what to do and plan for those days, so keep an eye on the blog!


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